August 2016 Newsletter

We've launched a digital format of the newsletter. Check it out on your favorite device. See you Thursday for sours.

Summer Party Aug 6

Beat the heat and help us drink the club brews.  The summer party is Aug 6 at 4P.  Details and the party flyer are going stright to your email inbox, so print it out, post it on the refrigerator and see you there.

Happy Hour at Harry's July 19

Our pals at Harry's Downtown are hosting us next Tuesday for our July happy hour.  Harry's Seafood and Grille has long been a supporter and donor to the Big Bend Brew Off. Please join us on the 19th for a beer and to give Harry's a heartfelt thank you for their support of NFBL.   

July NFBL Meeting July 14

Beat the heat by joining us for some air conditioning and some beer.  Thursday at 7:30.

Club Brew June 26

Keep the date on your calendar and plan to join us for some brewing. Host Lee Smith will be demonstrating a 10-gallon, split-to-2 fermenter batch.  We'll feed your inbox with the vital stats of the where and when.

Happy Hour June 16

Join us for some beers at Growler Country on Thursday June 16. No official start time, just come by in the late afternoon-early evening and meet up with other club members.


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