Entry Window Opens Dec 4

The entry window for the Big Bend Brew Off opens on December 4.  You can see all of the entry information at the competition website using the link to the right of the page.  

November 2016 Newsletter

The year is coming to a close, but that doesn't mean it's time to stop brewing.  Consider entering into the BBBO 2017, and read this month's NFBL newsletter.

Learn to Homebrew Day

Saturday Nov 5 is Learn to Homebrew Day. Join us at New Leaf Market @ Bannerman Crossing at 11A for a free, outdoor public brewing demonstration. We'll be showing basic brewing techniques that you can do in your kitchen and show you the way to making delicious beer at home. Help us spread the word by posting the attached flyer somewhere or sharing with friends. Click on image or header to download the flyer attachment in PDF.

October 2016 Newsletter

Learn to Homebrew Day, Big Bend BrewOff 2017, Executive Committee elections, and Pumpkin Beers are the highlights in this month's NFBL newsletter, available to read online here.

Pumpkins, Festivals, and Elections

We're in that time of year where you cannot escape pumpkin-flavored everything, fall festival-themed social events and the election. While you're sipping your Pumpkin beer or Pumpkin spiced latte, think about who you plan to nominate for the NFBL Executive Committee of 2017. October is the month where we accept nominations for your fearless leaders of the upcoming year.

September 2016 Newsletter

We hope everyone is safe after the storm!  If you have power, or want to use some of your sweet battery life for beer knowledge, check out this month's NFBL newsletter.


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