The NFBL hosts lots of events throughout the year, including both member events and public events. We host parties, group brews, social gatherings around town, and we participate in numerous public festivals and competitions.  Homebrewers are usually a social bunch.


Club Brews

We host about 2-3 club brews a year. For these brews, we find a host member so that we have a place to brew. Often, the host brews a beer (since we're at their house anyway), and then other members bring equipment to the brew location and they brew beers. So it's not unusual to  have a few brews going at a time. Each brew is different in that there may be different ingredients being used, or different brewing techniques being demonstrated. There are lots of ways to make beer. Sure, some basic principles of science should be employed regardless of how you brew. But there are new twists to everything, and club brews are a great place to learn about them.  We all hang out, help each other brew, watch and ask questions of each other, taste beers that we bring along with us, and generally have a relaxed afternoon with each other and beer. The beer that we brew often turns up later at one of our club parties or other club event.  In addition to these club brews, individual members brew with other members all the time. It's common for members to share information about a weekend brew or to invite other brewers to come over for one of their regular brewing sessions.  But just in case you miss one of those invites, we try to build in a few more for good measure. Club brews are fun, educational, and somehow, we're convinced that they improve the world.








NFBL Parties

Ahh yes... club parties. This is likely one of most listed reasons for joining a homebrew club. A homebrew club party is hard to resist: good beer, good food, good people. When we've all been on our best behavior, we're rewarded with good weather. Like the club brews, we sprinkle in a few parties throughout the year. In the Spring, we toast the beautiful blooms of camiellas and azaleas. In the Summer, we toast the invention of the swimming pool. In the Fall, we toast the cooler temperatures. And in the Winter, we toast the holiday seasons that bestow upon us the gifts of beer.  As long as we're toasting, it's a party.


National Homebrewing Day

The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) recognizes the first Saturday of May as National Homebrewing Day. It's an annual observance during which we celebrate the joys of homebrewing. Brewers participate in the AHA's Big Brew - a worldwide brewing event where brewers from all over the globe brew the same beers at the same time. It's the wort smelled 'round the world'. Also on this day, it's common to find homebrew tasting events, beer demonstrations, or simple backyard barbeques celebrating the wonders of beer.









Learn to HomeBrew Day (previously known as Teach a Friend to HomeBrew Day)

Our friends at the AHA recognize the first Saturday in November as Learn to Homebrew Day. This annual observance has a striaght-forward goal: learn how to brew. We try to further that goal by teaching you, your friends, your family, your neighbors...whomever wants to learn. Brewing beer isn't difficult, but sometimes you want to see someone else do it just to be sure that it doesn't require moonbeams, lasers and intricate electrical circuits. If it required all that, then none of our gracious hosts would ever let us brew at their public establishments without protective gear. Spread the love and teach a friend.


Happy Hours

No need to wait for the weekend to enjoy beer with friends. We're pretty lucky to have some good beer in the Tallahassee area, so we do our part to support establishments that choose to serve it. Throughout the year, we frequent these fine establishments and check out the latest craft beer offerings on the menu. Happy hours are super for getitng to know other members. We can chat, enjoy good beer, catch up with each other and discuss the plight of modern civilization.



NFBL Special Events

Every so often, we get a good idea. On the few occassions where we do, we like to share it with everyone. The result can be a "Special Event". The Special Event might be so popular that it becomes a recurring event. Or it might be an instance where it was an idea that served its purpose and was retired.  Food and beer pairing events, cooking events, shopping events, outdoor living events, and local recreational events have all made it onto the NFBL social calendar at one time or another. The beach house, the carnival, the roller derby, the food festival, and yes...the theater. Homebrewers do have other interests you know.


Pints for Paws and Oktoberfest

These events are so special that they get their own section of the website. We hope they don't make the other events jealous. Pints for Paws is our quintesential summer event and Oktoberfest is well... usually in October. At least in Tallahassee.