Member Services

There's plenty of good reasons to join a homebrewing club. You meet other people that are interested in some of the same things you're interested in - like beer. It's an easy way to have access to other brewers to share ideas, stories, and brewing techniques. Have an idea that you want discuss with other brewers? Need a suggesstion of how to accomplish a brewing task?  Ask away. We get together on a regular basis so it's easy to find some beer buds if you're looking.  Might sound crazy, but we also like to taste beer. It's common that when we meet up with one another that we talk about beer, taste beer, make beer, then talk about making the beer while we're tasting beer.... you get the idea. Socializing with other members gives you access to lots of different beers. Not only are there numerous beer styles out there, there are numerous breweries that make them and numerous ways that you could make them.  Here's a sampling of the benefits you'll enjoy with being an NFBL member.


General Membership Meetings

The general membership meets monthly. During our regular meetings we handle some club business (upcoming events, occassional money matters, and items of world importance). Then we usually have some form of beer tasting. Often, we identify a style of the month. We learn about that beer style and then taste some examples of that beer style. Members also bring samples of their versions of these styles for other members to enjoy and to receive some friendly feedback about their creations. It's not unusual for us to pepper in some beer education in the form of speakers, presentations and skits (not really on the skits, but we're open to anything). Sometimes we play pub games and play beer trivia.  We cover a little bit of everything.

Educational Workshops

Sometimes you just can't learn all there is to learn in one night. And sometimes, to really learn something or to pick up on some new techniques, you need a little more time and space than the general meeting allows. So, we offer members additional educational opportunites outside of the regualr meetings. These educational sessions often provide more advanced or detailed information than is typically addressed in the monthly meetings and allows us to delve a bit deeper into the science and art of brewing. And, there's usually beer involved. Imagine that.









Member Events

We have lots of events. Some are public events: come one, come all. Others are NFBL-member events where we save all the fun for ourselves. Our most widely-known member event is Pints for Paws - our charitable exhibition for the Animal Shelter Foundation.


Partnerships with Local Businesses

We've been fortunate to build friendships with many of our local area businesses.  Our members enjoy discount programs on supplies, beers around town, and more than a few gift certificates and gift cards as part of our member event program. They support us; please support them.


Reduced Costs for Group Expenses

Many of our members engage in events that are hosted by other organizations. Things like homebrew competitions and beer festivals happen all over the country. When multiple members participate in these events, it can result in the sharing of labor and expenses. That's usually good. The NFBL often supports (meaning subsidizes) things like shipping costs to competitions, membership dues as beer prizes, and promotions throughout the year. 


Connections to Other Homebrewing Clubs and National Organizations

NFBL has partnerships with American Homebrewers Association, the Beer Judge Certification Program, and numerous brewing clubs and associations thorughout the state. Stay connected to the brewing community around you and learn how you can get involved.