Homebrewing Competitions

Yes, there are homebrew competitions. And they're fun.  You should enter one, or attend one. Seriously.

Several homebrew clubs across the country host homebrewing competitions. With a few exceptions, we at NFBL focus on the ones that are hosted within the Southeast region, but there are competitions everywhere for everyone. Many competitions are part of a series of activities like beer and food tastings, pub crawls, and award ceremonies, but some are simply straight up competitions. There are lots of reasons why you might want to participate in a competition - either by sending your beer for feedback and the chance to win some sweet prizes, or by volunteering to help operate the competition (judging or stewarding).  Homebrew competitions are not much of a spectator sport, but there are many ways to get involved.

Many years ago, NFBL-friend Ron Bach from the Central Florida Homebrewers wrote a spiffy article for Brew Your Own Magazine that details how to approach brewing for competition and how to prep yourself and your beer. The same principles hold true today, so this is an essential read for anyone wanting to get in the game. NFBL hosts and announces group shipping options for members interested in entering beers, and many members hang out together at some of these events.

Check out what's coming up and consider giving it a whirl. Your beer might be the winner