BJCP Program

The Beer Judge Certification Program is a national organization dedicated to beer literacy and the skill of evaluating beer. It is governed by and comprised of dedicated volunteers from across the country that are both community-driven and committed to grass-roots development of the program. The NFBL supports the vision of the BJCP and many of our members actively participate in the BJCP program.


Several NFBL members are certified beer judges that actively judge for homebrewing competitions across the Southeast region. Certified BJCP judges study and train for many, many months before sitting for their certification exam. Our members share their skills and knowledge with other members as well as with other homebrewing clubs throughout Florida.


The NFBL has offered various types of BJCP training and study groups.  If you're interested in learning more about these programs, contact one of the NFBL committee members and keep an eye on your member correspondence.