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Wynwood B. A. Octopus on the Wall, aged in rum barrels, to be released on April 19

April 3, 2018 - 5:39pm

Miami, FL – Wynwood Brewing Co. (WBCo), the independent, family-operated first craft production brewery in Miami, teamed up with international street artist Insano to create “B. A. Octopus on the Wall,” a Barrel Aged American Strong Ale featuring bottle artwork designed by the Panamanian artist. The release is set for Noon on Thursday, April 19 at Wynwood Brewing Co.

Octopus On The Wall is the latest beer in Wynwood Brewing’s “Origins Series,” limited-release beers inspired by and dedicated to the art and lifestyle of Wynwood’s arts neighborhood. The beer is a nod to Wynwood Brewing’s early days when Founder Luis Brignoni first created this American Strong Ale in an alley under the watchful gaze of an octopus mural – one of many vibrant murals that give Wynwood its distinctive and diverse character.

The relationship between Wynwood Brewing and Insano dates back to 2014, when Insano painted the “flamingo doors” that lead into Wynwood’s production facility. Today, those doors are one of the brewery’s most photographed backdrops.

Luis Brignoni, Founder of Wynwood Brewing, reminisced about creating this unique beer, “We brewed this for the first time back in 2011 when we were still finalizing a lot of things with the brewery. We wanted a big hoppy beer with notes of tropical fruit. The first time we tasted it, I remember getting notes of mango and papaya from the hops which we hadn’t seen in other beers at the time. Since then we have continued to load this beer up with a big, juicy American hops. Collaborating on this beer with Insano, one of the most recognized and beloved graffiti artists in Miami for this release was very meaningful for us, and we’re excited to share Octopus on the Wall with our fans in a couple of weeks.”

Insano added: “I love beer and I love art. So naturally I was very excited to collaborate with Wynwood Brewing Company. For me, the Octopus on the Wall is a representation of Wynwood Arts District, a place where artists from different styles and mediums come to leave their mark ‘on the wall.’”

Over the years Insano has left his mark on the walls of Wynwood Brewing’s facility and now will leave it on the bottles as well. The Octopus On The Wall bottle will be released on Thursday, April 19 at Wynwood Brewing Co.

For more information about Wynwood Brewing Company, visit Follow them on social media via @WynwoodBrewing. The brewery is located in Wynwood at 565 NW 24 Street, Miami FL 33127 and phone: (305) 982-8732 or (305) 640-5043.

About Wynwood Brewing Company: Wynwood Brewing Company is Miami’s first craft production brewery, in the heart of Wynwood Art District. Family owned and operated, their objective is to bring fresh, delicious, and creative beers to thirsty South Floridians and tourists alike. They operate a 15-barrel brewhouse and distribute a variety of everyday, seasonal and limited beer offerings throughout South Florida.

Rohrbach Griddle Cakes Blueberry Maple Wheat Ale joins Neoteric Series in May

April 3, 2018 - 5:14pm

(Rochester, NY) – Rohrbach Brewing Co. has been brewing craft beer in Rochester, NY for over 25 years. We have our longstanding classics–particularly our flagship Scotch Ale–that have gained a loyal following and strong position in the market for a long time. However, the market is changing. Craft beer enthusiasts want something new. And as we’ve seen with other larger brands, a strong flagship isn’t enough anymore.

While we’ve always done small-batch brews outside of the flagship line, Rohrbachs is debuting a full-year small-batch series called the Neoteric Series for the first time. The Neoteric Series explores what is possible in a beer. These beers showcase our brewers’ talents (they take turns choosing and brewing the neoteric) and allow our patrons to imbibe in something a little more adventurous. Each neoteric is released every two months and only lasts for that period of time.

We are so eager to release our next neoteric, Griddle Cakes, on May 7. Griddle Cakes is a Blueberry Maple Wheat beer inspired by our Maple Blueberry wood-fired pizza (which is worth a trip to the beer hall…). A lot of experimenting went into the production of this beer. Fenugreek is used in the mash, and real maple syrup is used during fermentation. A perfect release for the spring season, we’ll be hosting a pancake dinner release party and promoting the beer for Mother’s Day as well. The packaging is done in-house (by myself), and like all neoterics, it is really a small and intense team effort from ideation to the moment someone pours a glass.

From a business standpoint, this Neoteric Series provides us with steady market research that we’ve never had before. By consistently releasing these small-batches every two months, we can see what styles drive the most demand and who our neoteric-drinking customer is. The challenge? Not pushing our flagships to the corner. While we’re taking a turn to the creative, small-batch beers, we know we can’t ignore the beers that still hold our place on most draft lines.

Steady decline in taxable domestic beer shipments continues; BI estimates 3.4% Feb. drop

April 3, 2018 - 4:59pm

(Washington, DC) – Today, the Beer Institute published an unofficial estimate of domestic tax paid shipments by beer brewers for February 2018:

The February 2018 estimate is 11,202,000 barrels, a decrease of 3.4% versus February 2017 removals of 11,602,000. Please note that the estimates reflect revised estimates released by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).


Month 2017 2018 Percent Change Volume Change January 12,889,000 12,167,000 -5.6% -722,000 February 11,602,000 11,202,000 -3.4% -400,000 YTD 24,491,000 23,369,000 -4.6% -1,122,000


The Beer Institute is a national trade association for the American brewing industry, representing brewers of all sizes, as well as beer importers and industry suppliers. First founded in 1862 as the U.S. Brewers Association, the Beer Institute is committed today to the development of sound public policy and to the values of civic duty and personal responsibility. For additional updates from the Beer Institute, visit our website<>, follow @BeerInstitute<> on Twitter, like the Beer Institute on Facebook<>, and follow the Beer Institute on Instagram<>.

Blue Moon creator launches Ceria Beverages, cannabis-infused non-alcoholic craft “near beer”

April 3, 2018 - 4:07pm

(Arvada, CO) – When Keith Villa, Ph.D., the creator and head brewmaster of Blue Moon Brewing Company, announced his retirement from MolsonCoors in January 2018 after 32 years of service, he hinted about plans to create a new beverage product with “cutting edge” ingredients.

Those plans are now coming to fruition with the official launch of CERIA BEVERAGES (, based in the Denver suburb of Arvada, Colorado. Among the company’s goals this year is to be the first to introduce a line of cannabis-infused non-alcoholic craft beverages containing THC, a key psychoactive chemical from cannabis plants that affects how one feels by creating the “high.”

Unlike most other cannabis beverages, CERIA’s products will be designed to deliver a consistent user experience with the same onset time as alcohol.

Keith Villa will serve as co-founder and brewmaster of CERIA (pronounced “SAIR-ee-uh”). The other co-founder is his wife Jodi Villa, a civil engineer who will serve as CEO. Based at the couple’s operations in Arvada, CERIA derives its name from the university campus in Brussels, Belgium, where Keith became one of the few people in the world to receive a doctorate in brewing science based upon his dissertation on complex biochemical reactions in beer.

“I’m ready to introduce another high-impact brand to the industry again, this time with a new line of custom cannabis-infused craft beers. Today, the opportunity and the demand are here, inviting Americans to enjoy a more social way of consuming cannabis – by drinking rather than by smoking it or through ingestion of edibles.”

To deliver upon the fast-acting, consistent, trusted psychoactive experience, CERIA is working closely with ebbu, a leading cannabinoid research firm also based in Colorado. ebbu has developed a set of cannabis formulations that inspire specific sensations, all of which can be consistently dosed and delivered in a true water-soluble format. Jon Cooper, CEO of ebbu states, “We have always loved what Keith stands for – great-tasting mainstream beers that really kickstarted the entire craft beer movement.

“We are honored and thrilled to partner with Keith, Jodi and CERIA to bring this groundbreaking new product to cannabis consumers in legalized states.”

ebbu’s leading pharmacology team has spent the last few years studying how cannabis creates various sensations for end users, and now has developed consistent formulations that deliver cannabis experiences like chill, bliss, and energy.

These cannabis formulations – containing THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes – will be processed and infused by licensed marijuana processors, bottled and/or canned on-site by the licensee, and then sold chilled in licensed dispensaries, first in Colorado, then in other states where the use of recreational marijuana is legal.

CERIA has also tapped leading beverage industry advisement firm, InterContinental Beverage Capital (IBC), to assist in setting up business operations and in the development of its strategic and commercialization plans.

Keith Villa’s plans for a cannabis-infused beverage with top-quality craft beer taste will be offered in legalized cannabis states by the end of 2018 in at least three strengths – light, regular, and full-bodied – with a variety of sensations. Consumers must be a minimum age of 21 and use the product responsibly.

“CERIA will be brewed just like an alcoholic craft beer to maintain its beer taste and aroma, but will then be de-alcoholized prior to the infusion of cannabis,” Keith Villa explains.

The Villas are enthusiastic about their new entrepreneurial venture and know their way around a brewery. “When Keith created Blue Moon in 1995, the cloudy, unfiltered Belgian-style beer that would later be served with an orange slice, he in effect, introduced craft beer to the mainstream American beer drinker. It changed the beer industry and was even a question on the TV game show ‘Jeopardy,’” said Jodi Villa. “Since then it has grown to become the largest craft beer in the country.”

The Villas, both University of Colorado graduates and native Coloradans, note that the new brand, whose name is currently being developed, will also be less caloric than traditional beer, due to the elimination of alcohol.

CERIA BEVERAGES, a Delaware C corporation, is located in Arvada, Colorado. For more information:

Colorado-based ebbu is generating clinically-proven cannabinoid formulations for medicine, and mainstreaming adult-use cannabis by creating consistent, predictable sensations. ebbu partners with category-leading companies to power infused products using its patented, lab-tested and science-based platform. For more information:

Intercontinental Beverage Capital (IBC), with offices in NYC, Boca Raton (Fla.), Atlanta, Los Angeles and Lugano, Switzerland, is providing CERIA BEVERAGES with advisory services in the areas of business strategy and planning, brand development, operations, commercialization and investment guidance. For more information:

Lompoc Portland Parkways Premium Pilsner celebrates Portland Sunday Parkways events

April 3, 2018 - 2:11pm

(Portland OR) – Lompoc Brewing is proud to announce the upcoming release of Portland Parkways Premium Pilsner in six-packs of 12-ounce cans. The event will take place at Lompoc Sidebar from 4pm to close on Thursday, May 10. Lompoc’s Portland Parkways Premium Pilsner is an unofficial tie-in to the City of Portland’s monthly Portland Sunday Parkways, a series of events that offers traffic-free routes encouraging the community to explore Portland’s city streets and neighborhoods; the 2018 season will kick off with its first event on May 20. Lompoc Brewing will be donating money to the Sunday Parkways program from every case of Portland Parkways Pilsner sold.

A golden straw colored German style pilsner, Lompoc’s Portland Parkways Pilsner is clean and crisp, with a bready maltiness that is balanced by the spiciness of Saaz hops. It is a session beer, coming in at 5% ABV, and an ideal beer to sip during the summer months.

“Lompoc Oregon is knitted from the fabric of our local community, and we can’t think of a better way to support and celebrate our citizens,” explained Lompoc owner Jerry Fechter. “We’re especially excited to host Lompoc beer gardens offering Portland Parkways Pilsner throughout the Portland Sunday Parkways events; look for us along the routes!”

The can’s artwork, which features a colorful and whimsical scene of bicyclists traveling through a Portland neighborhood, was inspired by the brewery’s “Lompoc Oregon” campaign, which emphasizes the idea that Lompoc, Oregon is a state of mind. You won’t find Lompoc, Oregon on any map, but you can find it wherever you go; if you’re here, then you’re already there.

With its brewery and two of its pubs located along the busy North Williams bicycle corridor, Lompoc Brewing has always been a proponent of Portland’s bicycle culture. It was an early adopter of the on-street bicycle parking corral, positioned at its Fifth Quadrant location. Meanwhile, across the street is an 18-rack hub with bikes for Portland’s BIKETOWN bike sharing program. Lompoc Tavern in Northwest Portland is a featured destination on the popular BrewCycle tour.

The City of Portland Sunday Parkways promotes healthy active living through a series of free events opening the city’s largest public space – its streets – to walk, bike, roll, and discover active transportation while fostering civic pride, stimulating economic development, and represents the community, business, and government investments in Portland’s vitality, livability, and diversity. A series of five traffic-free events take place in Portland’s beautiful neighborhoods one Sunday a month May through September.

The Portland Parkways Pilsner six-pack release will take place at the same time as Lompoc releases its Enter the Dank IPA in six packs; the May 10 release party will offer a special $6 for a six-pack of both beers. Lompoc Sidebar is located at 3901 N Williams Ave. For more information, visit and follow @LompocBeer, #ParkwaysPilsner

About Lompoc Brewing
Lompoc Brewing creates eight flavorful year-round beers, plus a ridiculous number of seasonals. You can find Lompoc in bottles, cans and on draft at locations throughout Oregon and Washington, and at its four Portland neighborhood pubs: Fifth Quadrant and Sidebar in North Portland, Oaks Bottom in Southeast, and the Lompoc Tavern in Northwest. Proudly brewed in #LompocOregon, a state of mind.

No-Li Brewhouse Born & Raised Again Barrel-Aged IPA releases on April 5th

April 3, 2018 - 1:56pm

(Spokane, WA) – You’ve enjoyed it out of cans, bottles and the tap, but No-Li Brewhouse now wants you to try its Born & Raised IPA out of a barrel.

On Thursday, April 5, No-Li is set to release Born & Raised Again — a version of its beloved IPA aged for two years in a wheat whiskey barrel from Dry Fly Distillery.

The aged beer features the bold, piney flavor of the original IPA accented by flavors of whiskey and caramel. In finalizing the beer, No-Li brewers mixed in a dash of new Born & Raised to awaken the hops in the aged product.

“We’re excited to finally release a barrel-aged version of this IPA. We know there’s a lot of hardcore Born & Raised fans out there, and we think they’ll enjoy this version,” says No-Li Head Brewer Ryan Brookhart.

Born & Raised Again is the latest release from No-Li Brewhouse’s barrel-aging program. They are currently 82 barrels in different stages of aging stored throughout the No-Li pub and its production facility. This is the brewery’s sixth barrel-aged bottle release thus far in 2018.

Born & Raised Again is available only at the No-Li pub and will not be sold in stores. It is a very limited run, and No-Li doesn’t plan to release more of the beer anytime in the near future.

No-Li Brewhouse, founded in 2012, is an independent, family-owned craft brewery located in Spokane, Washington. Visit the pub at 1003 E. Trent Ave. or learn more online at

Heavy Seas Smooth Sail returns for summer

April 3, 2018 - 1:43pm

(Baltimore, MD) – Heavy Seas Beer is pleased to announce the return of its limited release, Smooth Sail, with a refreshed can design and new can wrap. This Summer Ale will be available in 12oz cans and on draft starting in April in all states where Heavy Seas beer is distributed. 

“Smooth Sail is a refreshing American wheat ale, brewed with lemon and orange peel,” says Heavy Seas Brewmaster, Christopher Leonard. “It finishes with a subtle citrus kick at a quaffable 4.5% ABV.”

“Because it’s available in cans, it’s the perfect beer for sailing, trips to the park, hiking, or just sitting on the beach with your friends,” says Heavy Seas Founder, Hugh Sisson. “It is the perfect beer for folks with an active outdoor lifestyle during the summer months.”

With more than 20% malted wheat, Smooth Sail has an airy mouthfeel and a frothy head. “We’ve employed a neutral strain of ‘wheat’ yeast to produce a clean tasting beer that is delicate on the palate,” says Leonard. “American hops are introduced late in the boil to impart a crisp flavor dimension. Finally, dried orange and lemon peel went into our hopback to provide a fruity, citrus aroma – without adding sweetness.”

The product specs are:

Style: Summer Ale

ABV: 4.5%

IBUs: 18

Malts: 2-Row, Wheat Malt, Carapils

Hops: Warrior, Hallertau, Cascade

Additions: Lemon & Orange peel

“For anyone who is looking for a good summer drinker, this beer is the one,” says Sisson.

Founders Dankwood debuts, Backwoods Bastard returns this year in Barrel-Aged Series

April 3, 2018 - 1:22pm

Backwoods Bastard makes a popular return as the first and only year-round barrel-aged selection; Dankwood debuts as the third barrel-aged release of the 2018 series

(Grand Rapids, MI) – Founders Brewing Co. announced today that they will release Backwoods Bastard and Dankwood as the second and third installments of the Barrel-Aged Series. The first release of the series, Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS), is available now through April.

“Backwoods Bastard and Dankwood show the spectrum of our barrel-aged program,” says Brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki. “We started experimenting with barrel-aging over a decade ago and keep adding more to keep up with demand. Backwoods Bastard has earned its rightful spot as the only year-round in the line-up, while Dankwood is an example of the extreme creative demands we place on ourselves to keep this all going. Where many stick only with one or two styles of beer, we always pursue experimentation and give into our curiosity.”

Backwoods Bastard was created in 2005 following Founders’ first trials to age Dirty Bastard, a Scotch ale, in bourbon barrels. After more than a decade of perfecting barrel-aged beers like KBS, Backwoods Bastard has also earned a devoted fan base, and will be the first of the Barrel-Aged Series beers to be available on a year-round basis. There are no other plans to support additional year-round releases.

Dankwood is Founders’ imperial red IPA, reDANKulous, aged in oak bourbon barrels, with notes of rich caramel that highlight the strong malt character and all the complexity that comes from bourbon barrels. A dank, sticky and slightly sweet sipper, Dankwood is the perfect alchemy of wood and hops.

Both releases reflect Founders’ ability to work with a full range of beers from imperial IPA to Scotch ale in barrels, treating each style uniquely. The Barrel-Aged Series currently boasts more than 20,000 filled barrels that are stored in former mines below the streets of Grand Rapids and in an offsite storage facility, the Barrel House, with more than two square-acres of refrigerated space.

Dankwood follows Founders first Barrel-Aged Series release KBS and will be available from April through June 2018 in all markets as well in the Founders Brewing Co. taprooms in Grand Rapids and Detroit on draft and in 750mL bottles and 4-packs of 12oz bottles. Backwoods Bastard will be available year-round in 4-packs of 12oz bottles and on draft as of April 2018. Both Backwoods Bastard and Dankwood will have suggested retail prices of $14.99/4-pack of 12-oz. bottles and Dankwood will have an SRP of $11.99/750mL bottle.

About Founders Brewing Co.
Established in 1997 by two craft beer enthusiasts—Dave Engbers and Mike Stevens—with day jobs and a dream, Founders Brewing Co. brews complex, in-your-face ales, with huge aromatics and tons of flavor. Founders ranks among the top 10 largest craft breweries in the U.S. and is one of the fastest growing. The brewery has received numerous awards from the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer Festival and RateBeer and BeerAdvocate users often rate its beers among the best in the world. Located in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, Founders is a proud member of the Michigan Brewers Guild. For more information, visit or follow Founders on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

About the Barrel-Aged Series
Crafting legendary barrel-aged beers is an exercise in patience. We start by brewing complex, world-class beer worthy of time in a barrel. Then, our experience and years spent mastering our craft means we know exactly when it’s been aged to perfection. After one sip, you’ll know – it was worth the wait.

Ratio Beerworks Handwritten Belgian Wit and Heart Tattoo Blackberry Wit release in April

April 3, 2018 - 1:01pm

Denver, CO – April 2018 Events at Ratio Beerworks

Tuesday, April 3 – CCBW Oyster Party – 5-8pm
As part of the Colorado Brewers Guild Colorado Craft Beer Week’s food and beer pairing night, Ratio Beerworks welcomes Fish N Beer to the taproom for an Oyster Party. Come out and enjoy freshly shucked raw oysters for $2 an oyster and grilled oysters for $3 an oyster on the patio, paired with Ratio’s diverse lineup of beers from 5-8pm.

Wednesday, April 4 – Ratio Comedy: Fresh AF – 8pm
The Fresh AF Comedy Show brings you Denver’s most talented comedians of color performing a fresh AF night of comedy in the Ratio Beerworks brewhouse. FREE SHOW – 8pm – Hell Yeah!

Friday, April 6 – Handwritten Belgian Wit & Mutiny Collaborative Zine Release Party – 4-7pm There’s something to be said about a universal connection, either through the conduit of a familiar song, an emotion, shared interest, or even a beer.

In celebrating the return of Handwritten Belgian Wit, Ratio has partnered with Mutiny Information Cafe to debut a collaborative special edition Zine, and Jim from Mutiny will also join Ratio for a special DJ set in the taproom.

The Handwritten & Zine release party will also unite DiNK (Denver Independent Comic and Arts Expo) and The Denver Zine Library, two tremendous independent organizations who also celebrate the craft of hand-drawn, hand-written expression. DiNK will be on hand to preview their upcoming Expo, and The Denver Zine Library provide a sneak peek of their upcoming Denver Zine Fest.

Handwritten is Ratio’s take on a classic Belgian Wit with tea-cut orange peel and ground coriander. Familiar in flavor profile and ubiquitous enough for any occasion, Handwritten is a connector, a unifier, a true beer soul-mate and companion. The Abbey yeast strain gives off more floral, fruit-forward notes than a classic wit yeast, but still rounds out with a recognizable, balanced, clean, crushable finish.

Come out on Friday, April 6 to celebrate the return of Handwritten Belgian Wit, and get to know some of Denver’s greatest champions of independent hand-created content and expression.

Saturday, April 7 – Undone Experimental Hop Project #3 Tapping
Peel back the layers that comprise Undone Norwegian Pale Ale to reveal a beer that fuses modern-day innovation and deep historical roots. The use of a traditional Norwegian yeast strain, imparts a subtle earthy spiciness, rounded out with fragrant citrus esters found in classic Nordic kveiks. Classic meets contemporary with substantial additions of Jarrylo, Amarillo, Denali in the dryhop, as a showcase of Ratio’s rotating experimental hop project. Finally the prominence of oats and white wheat round out Undone with a silky mouthfeel and mercurial hazy appearance.

Saturday, April 7 – Yoga in the Brewhouse with Apres Yoga – 11am
Join Après Yoga teacher Elyse Rousseau for the inaugural edition of Breathe, Bend & Brew at Ratio Beerworks. We will practice inside the brewery and then enjoy a pint of Ratio’s finest beer after class, Après Yoga! $15 for yoga and a pint!

Sunday, April 8 – Communicating Science Gong Show – 2-4pm
Our goal is to connect Colorado scientists with community members so that they can learn about the amazing research being conducted in our state. This event is also an excellent opportunity for researchers to practice their broad communication skills.

Scientists will give a short elevator pitch that succinctly describes what they do. If s/he uses too much jargon, goes off on a tangent, or the audience gets bored, listeners can “gong” the presenter with provided noise makers! We will have prizes, beer, and “celebrity judges” so get ready to share your most exciting scientific stories!

As an added bonus, this event is also a fundraiser for the March for Science – Denver, which is being held the following weekend (April 14th).

Tuesday, April 10 – Ratio Quiz Show: Marvel Films – 8pm
The Ratio Quiz Show is a bigger, badder, more inappropriate version of trivia, that pits teams of audience members (come sign up your team of up to 5 people). This month, test your knowledge on Iron Man , Spider-Man,Black Panther, Captain America, Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men Movies, Fantastic Four, The Hulk, and all things Marvel Movies.

But we’re upping the ante with this month’s quiz. In celebration of Marvel Studios’ 10th Anniversary, they’ve given us 4 tickets to see Avengers: Infinity War at any theater of your choosing, which will be given to our first place team. Marvel is also giving out other prizes for the top three teams and with other prizes available to all attendees.

Wednesday, April 11 – Ratio Comedy: New Blood – 8pm
Come check Ratio Comedy’s new fresh show where newcomers and even some first timers spit hot comedic fire on our brewhouse stage. Come enjoy the evolution of the next big joke slingers along with a few seasoned veterans!

Sunday, April 15 – Drink RiNo Spring Training – 2-5pm
Drink RiNo has partnered with local fitness gyms for a Spring Training workout at each RiNo brewery to promote fitness. Head to Ratio Beerworks from 2-5pm and perform a fitness activity from Dynamic Fitness. Participants will be required to perform a fitness task and in return, will be rewarded with a free 4oz taster of beer.

Wednesday, April 18 – Ratio Comedy Doom Room – 8pm
The Doom Room is back at Ratio Beerworks for another night of free comedy, where comedians perform with the ominous SCREEN OF DOOM waiting to throw a wrench into their sets. Always fun, always wild, hell yeah. Hosted by RiNo’s brownest and baddest: Andrew Bueno.

Saturday, April 21 – Record Store Day at Ratio Beerworks – 3-7pm
Come out and celebrate Record Store Day with Ratio Beerworks. We’ll be featuring a special edition of our Vinyl Records Day, so bring in your vinyl collection to be played in the taproom. Plus bring in a receipt from one of Colorado’s independent record stores from earlier in the day and receive a free beer from Ratio.

Saturday, April 22 – Drink Ink Brewery Tour & Coaster Screenprinting
Join Ink Lounge at Ratio Beerworks to screenprint your own personalized set of 4 wooden coasters, followed by a behind the scene brewery tour. After the tour we’ll finish up with some tastings and a chance to ask all the questions you want.

Registration Fee: $25 includes all materials and tastings. Please Note: Registration is required and limited to 24 spots.

Tuesday, April 24 – Vinyl Night – 7-10pm
Dust off those vinyl record covers and join Ratio Beerworks for our monthly vinyl night. You be the DJ! Bring in your records to be played in the Ratio taproom. We also encourage attendees to bring records to swap/trade with other enthusiasts
And as always, we’ll have a mobile record store on site to help you re-stock your collection.

Wednesday, April 25 – Ratio Comedy – 8pm
Ratio Comedy has a banger of a show for you with some of the best and brightest comedians the Mile High City has to offer.

Friday, April 27 – Heart Tattoo Blackberry Belgian Wit Release Party – 5pm
There’s something to be said about a universal connection, either through the conduit of a familiar song, an emotion, or even a beer. Heart Tattoo is our blackberry-infused version of our classic Handwritten Belgian Wit. Think fruit smoothie with a kick, this easy drinking summer seasonal showcases brilliant blackberry flavors on top of the blank canvas that is our Belgian Wit base.

In honor of the return of Heart Tattoo, join Ratio for a special release party featuring temporary tattoos, and special tappings of other Handwritten variants that will be available for one day only!

External Events
Entire Month of April – 5280 Burger Bar Brewery of the Month @ 5280 Burger Bar
Thursday, April 5 – Pint Night at Walter’s Pizzeria
Friday, April 6 – Ratio’s Opening Day Party at Tap XIV
Tuesday, April 10 – Ratio Beer Dinner at Walter’s BowMar
Saturday, April 14 & Sunday, April 15 – DiNK Independent Comic & Arts Expo @ McNichols Building
Tuesday, April 17 – Ratio Tap Takeover & Industry Night @ Gerard’s Pool Hall at 8pm
Friday, April 20 – Dunbar Tap & Kitchen Firkin Tapping
Saturday, April 21 – DDES Art Brew @ Galvanize at 6pm
Saturday, April 28 – MCA Beer Dinner Society
Saturday, April 28 – Sabroso Taco and Beer Festival
Monday, April 30 – Work Options for Women Fundraiser

About Ratio Beerworks
Ratio Beerworks, located in the heart of the River North Art District of Denver at 2920 Larimer Street, focuses on meticulously crafted beer. Ratio’s portfolio includes a wide variety of traditional styles with a modern twist. With deep roots in the punk rock music scene, Ratio’s co-founders sought to translate the industry’s sense of community, DIY spirit, and strong musical influences via the beer and taproom experience. For more information please visit

Fiction Beer Never Tell Me The Hops Galaxy DDH NE-Style IPA release on April 6

April 3, 2018 - 12:22pm

(Denver, CO) – On Friday April 6th, Fiction Beer Company releases “Never Tell Me The Hops” a Galaxy Double Dry Hopped New England Style IPA.

On Saturday April 7th, we are hosting our first Saison and Salads event. Details Follow:

To celebrate spring, we’re putting 7 Saisons on tap, releasing our bottle conditioned peach Saison and … HOSTING A SALAD COMPETITION! Yup, salad folks!

We’ll have 2 categories of salads to judge: a general salad category and a pasta salad category. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and third place.

The taplist ——->
•Rum barrel aged mixed fermentation blackberry Saison
•Rum barrel aged mixed fermentation plum Saison
•A Saison blend from the above barrels
•Sour Saison
•Saison (brewed in collaboration with our friends at Strange Brewing)
•Motueka Dry Hopped Saison
And more…

Bottle Conditioned Brett Peach Saison Release ——->
•$15 per 22oz bottle
•Limited release (only 50 bottles!)

Please register for the salad competition on eventbrite

American Craft Beer Exports surpassed $125 million in 2017

April 3, 2018 - 11:47am

Small and independent American brewers increase international demand and distribution

(Boulder, CO) — The Brewers Association (BA)—the not-for-profit trade group representing small and independent craft brewers—today reported export growth data for the American craft beer industry in 2017. Supported by the BA’s Export Development Program (EDP), craft beer export volume increased by 3.6 percent in 2017, now totaling 482,309 barrels and valued at $125.4 million.

Growth was seen in major markets including in the Asia-Pacific region (not including Japan) which grew 7.4 percent; Japan, which was up 2.6 percent and Western Europe which saw exports increase by 1.3 percent.

Meanwhile, Canada was again the leading international market for American craft beer, accounting for 51.3 percent of total exports. Other leading importers were the United Kingdom, accounting for 10.5 percent; Sweden, 6.7 percent; Korea, 4.6 percent; Australia, with 3.8 percent; and China, with 2.5 percent of exports.

“From innovative styles to international distribution, American craft beer is breaking boundaries,” said Steve Parr, export development program manager, Brewers Association. “Through the Brewers Association Export Development Program, we’re able to take the success of local brewers and showcase them on a global scale.”

The EDP, which generates exposure for American craft beer through trade shows, festivals, seminars, media outreach and competitions, among other activities, was initiated in 2004 with funds from the United States Department of Agriculture Market Access Program (USDA MAP). There are currently more than 100 small and independent brewers exporting their beers from the U.S., by EDP estimates.

About the Brewers Association

The Brewers Association (BA) is the not-for-profit trade association dedicated to small and independent American brewers, their beers and the community of brewing enthusiasts. The BA represents 4,000-plus U.S. breweries. The BA’s independent craft brewer seal is a widely adopted symbol that differentiates beers by small and independent craft brewers. The BA organizes events including the World Beer CupSM, Great American Beer Festival®, Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America®, SAVOR℠: An American Craft Beer & Food Experience, Homebrew Con, National Homebrew Competition and American Craft Beer Week®. The BA publishes The New Brewer® magazine, and Brewers Publications is the leading publisher of brewing literature in the U.S. Beer lovers are invited to learn more about the dynamic world of craft beer at and about homebrewing via the BA’s American Homebrewers Association® and the free Brew Guru mobile app. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Brewers Association is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, or marital/familial status. The BA complies with provisions of Executive Order 11246 and the rules, regulations, and relevant orders of the Secretary of Labor.

Forgotten Boardwalk opens speakeasy-style Sideshow Room to showcase barrel aged beers

April 3, 2018 - 11:13am

(Cherry Hill, NJ) – Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing Company, normally known for their handcrafted brews and whimsical tasting room located in Cherry Hill, has opened a prohibition styled speakeasy. This speakeasy, dubbed “The Sideshow Room” will not be serving moonshine, bathtub gin, or hooch that you would find at the boardwalk of yester-year, but instead will showcase the company’s barrel aged beer program.

The build out of the speakeasy started in January 2018 within the brewery warehouse. It is cleverly hidden behind rows of cans, stacks of kegs, and around the corner of a giant cold box. It is adorned with décor that has been found and then up-fitted & retrofitted to the stylistic guidelines of a speakeasy. As guests sip on their barrel aged beers while touring the space, they are encouraged to explore many of the rooms’ hidden secrets. Silent films will air as guests can also play a vintage shuffle board bowling lane.

Jamie Queli, owner and creator, wanted to add in an additional layer to the brewery in 2018. “We are making really fabulous barrel aged beer. I wanted a space to showcase these delicate projects. I felt that these beers were our works of art, but were having trouble finding a spot light in the main tasting room. Guests are welcome to bring beverages from the main tasting room bar into the Sideshow Room, however, only the barrels aged beers will be sold in the tasting room.”

“It wasn’t until our head brewer, Evan Wasylyk, was trying to make some room in the warehouse for a delivery that I noticed that the barrels had a special aesthetic against the back wall. That’s when the project started. The rule when the project began was ‘nothing nailed down’”. Queli says. “It’s our warehouse space after all. We will need to operate a production facility around the room at least five days a week. Plus, I started to think of old time speakeasies; they were usually pop up shops, where nothing was nailed down and they can escape in the middle of the night if the police caught wind of their location”.

The room will open up with a Saison that has been aging in French Sauvignon Blanc barrels for five months (Lifeguard Off Duty) as well as a Smoked Porter that has been aging in Port wine barrels for four months with the addition of plums (The Captain’s Quarters). The Sideshow Room will showcase a variety of different projects throughout the year such as Belgian Lambic-inspired beers, Oud Bruins, bourbon barrel aged stouts, sours, spontaneous fermentations and more.

The Sideshow Room is set to be open Saturdays only. Guests can book appointments online to reserve their space. Queli adds, “The room is designed to be intimate, it only holds 35 people comfortably and is only open to guests that are over the age of 21. There are lots of low lighting and you really feel like you traveled to a romantic period in time.” Guests are encouraged to dress up as if they have been invited to a party at Jay Gatsby’s house although it is not required.

For more information and to book an appointment, please visit:

Indeed Brewing and Steel Toe’s Tan & Black on deck in Flock Together collaboration series

April 3, 2018 - 11:00am

Indeed Brewing and Steel Toe Brewing to Release Collaboration Tan & Black

(Minneapolis, MN) – Indeed Brewing announced today its newest Flock Together collaboration series release with Steel Toe Brewing out of St. Louis Park, Minnesota. The collaboration consists of two beers, a Wood-Aged Blonde Export on Nitro brewed at Indeed, and a Wood-Aged Rye Bock brewed at Steel Toe. The beers are meant to be imbibed together, as an iteration of a classic Black & Tan, with the order of the beers swapped to be a Tan & Black.

“I’ve always liked Steel Toe,” says Indeed Lead Brewer Dan Stavig, describing how the collaboration formed. “Michael Wagner (Steel Toe Brewer) and I struck on an idea that sounded unique to us: two different beers made at separate breweries, but designed to be blended together.” With Indeed’s ability to easily nitrogenate beer, the duo decided to create a variation on the Black & Tan, or Half & Half, traditionally made with a pale ale and a stout on nitro.

Though created at their respective breweries, both the collaboration beers utilize English base malts and were aged on the same species of honeycomb spirals from Black Swan Cooperage in Park Rapids. The Wood-Aged Blonde Export on Nitro will have notes of bread, honey, and oak; while the Wood-Aged Rye Bock is more malt-forward with hints of toast, chocolate, wood, and caramel.

Both beer recipes were carefully crafted, however there was one surprise in store for both breweries. When asked about switching the classic Black & Tan combo on its head, Stavig explained, “As for choosing to make the tan portion float instead of the black… for whimsy? If I’m being honest, it didn’t occur to us until the dark beer was already mashed in at Steel Toe.” Despite this hiccup, the collaboration between Indeed and Steel Toe still landed on the right foot.

Indeed and Steel Toe invite all to join them next week for two Flock Together collaboration release parties. Both beers will be found on tap at Bunny’s Bar & Grill in St. Louis Park on April 10th, and at Pizza Luce Roseville on April 12th. In addition to Steel Toe Brewing, Indeed’s Flock Together collaboration series has hatched brews with Hoops Brewing of Duluth, Dangerous Man Brewing of Minneapolis, and Schell’s Brewery of New Ulm. Stay tuned to Indeed’s social media @indeedbrewing for the latest news and releases.

About Indeed
At Indeed Brewing Company, we’re cultivating an artfully eclectic lineup of distinctive flagship beers, well-loved seasonal releases, and adventurous specialty brews from the heart of Northeast Minneapolis. We’re not just brewing beer, we’re crafting experiences. We are thirsty creatures, Indeed. There’s more to explore at

Braxton Kentucky Home Mint Julep Bourbon Barrel-Aged Ale returns on Saturday, April 7th

April 3, 2018 - 10:32am

(Covington, KY) – Braxton Brewing Company is excited to be releasing Kentucky Home Mint Julep Style Ale again in 2018. Celebrating the traditions that make The Commonwealth uncommon, this golden strong ale was aged in freshly dumped Bourbon barrels and infused with fresh mint to celebrate “the most exciting two minutes in sports.”

“The first Saturday in May is one of our favorite days in Kentucky,” said Jake Rouse, Co-Founder & CEO of Braxton Brewing Company. “And Kentucky Home has become one of our favorite projects at Braxton. This beer is so unique and I think this year’s version is the best yet!”

The 2018 version is now available to be reserved online. Customers may reserve up to six bottles of Kentucky Home. The 22 oz. bottles are $9.99/bottle. A limited number of bottles will be released to the public on Saturday, April 7th. Bottle Pickup and draft tapping will take place on that day.


A limited amount of bottles and draft beer will be available throughout Braxton’s distribution network in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville, Dayton, Nashville and Columbus. The brewery is giving away the barrels that aged Kentucky Home at select retailers.

In their Covington taproom, the Mint Julep style ale will be served in this year’s commemorative Derby Glass. The brewery will offer a “Keep the Glass” special while supplies last.

This is the fourth time that the brewery has celebrated the Derby Day tradition of Mint Juleps with the release of Kentucky Home. Last year, the brewery updated the recipe to a stronger base beer. Braxton Brewing once again used this base recipe in 2018 resulting in a 9.5% ABV sipper that beautifully melds bourbon and mint.

Braxton Brewing Company will celebrate Derby Day as part of The Covington Trifecta with The Hannaford and Hotel Covington on Saturday, May 5th. The Covington Taproom will be home to a Keep the Glass special and competitions for Best Dressed, Best Hat and Best Dressed Couple. You can learn more about that party and join the event here.


For more information on Braxton Brewing Company, visit their website. To stay up-to-date on all event details, like the company on Facebook.

You can follow along visually by liking BraxtonBrewCo on Instagram. On Twitter, follow @BraxtonBrewCo.

Green flash Brewing completes previously announced sale of West Coast brewing ops

April 3, 2018 - 9:53am

Award-winning San Diego brewery emerges from the sale with stabilized financial position and streamlined operations

(San Diego, CA) – San Diego-based Green Flash Brewing Company is excited to announce the completion of the previously-announced sale of its West Coast brewing operations. The new investor group, which includes a number of individuals with extensive experience in both the craft beer and food and beverage industries, is committed to maintaining Green Flash’s status as an iconic independent craft-brewing interest. With this new financial backing and focus, Green Flash will return to its Southern California roots, while consolidating distribution of its beers and those of sister-brand Alpine Beer Company to San Diego County and the greater Southwest.

Green Flash Brewing Company emerges from the sale with a stabilized financial position and streamlined operations. Green Flash has ceased operations at its production brewery in Virginia Beach, Va., its barrel-aging facility in Poway, Ca., and completed its transition from national to regional distribution. The company will focus on brewing exceptional beer, connecting with customers, and building the brands in the core markets of California, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Texas, Utah, and Nebraska.

The Green Flash and Alpine breweries will continue to operate in San Diego and Alpine, respectively. Meanwhile, the Green Flash Brewhouse & Eatery in Lincoln, Neb. will open in April, and will brew specialty beers serving the state of Nebraska. This brewery will serve as the model for future customer connection points in the Southwestern United States.

Green Flash Brewing Company is also announcing some changes to the management team, led by the announcement of Dave Mills as new Vice President of Sales and Business Development. Dave, who previously served as Chief Sales Officer at Ballast Point Brewing Company, will manage all sales and trade marketing activities. Dave said, “I am stoked to join the Green Flash team in my hometown of San Diego. The Green Flash and Alpine brands are iconic in San Diego beer culture. This opportunity is the dream of a lifetime and I can’t wait to begin my new adventure.”

Dave will replace Jim Kenny, who served as VP of Sales for the last eight years. Jim leaves a legacy, as he spearheaded growth for Green Flash from 14,000 to over 90,000 barrels per year at its peak. “Jim’s Hungwah-spirit and GSD work ethic pushed us to great heights,” says Hinkley, who added, “I wish Jim all the best and I know he will find a great position in the beer business.”

Mike Hinkley, who started Green Flash 16 years ago, will lead the company. Chris Ross, President, will leave the company. Chris was appointed President in late 2016 and did an outstanding job guiding the company through some difficult times over the past two years. “Chris helped reshape the company, making this transaction possible. We are all very grateful to him for all of his efforts,” said Hinkley.

Other key management roles include Erik Jensen – Vice President of Brewing Operations, Dave Adams – Vice President of Hospitality, Nicole Hanlon – Director of Human Resources, and Katie Wolbrink – Controller.

The investor group was represented by Livingstone Partners, an international middle market M&A firm with seven offices located in the United States, Europe and Asia.

LauderAle S.S. Copenhagen marks maiden voyage in limited release Shipwreck Series

April 3, 2018 - 9:40am

(Fort Lauderdale, FL) – On Sunday, April 8th, at 11am, LauderAle Brewery and Taproom in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, will be releasing the SS Copenhagen, the first in their Shipwreck Series, which consists of periodic releases of very limited-edition beers, each named after famous Florida shipwrecks. The S.S. Copenhagen is a barrel-aged version of their Rapture of the Deep, an aggressive and bold Russian Imperial Stout with notes of bitter chocolate, roasted coffee, all balanced with an underlying maple sweetness & chewy mouth feel.

Salute the Shipwreck Series

Like the sunken vessels themselves LauderAle seeks to honor these historical landmarks off the peninsular coasts of South Florida, as well as celebrate their own internal maritime heritage. The owners behind LauderAle grew up on the water, and have a deep appreciation and knowledge of diving, fishing, boats and the ocean, which shows in their brewery beyond the Shipwreck Series; check out their taplist and overall aesthetic for proof.

S.S. Copenhagen

The S.S. Copenhagen was a cargo steamer that was carrying coal from Philadelphia to Havana, and slammed into a reef near Pompano Beach, Florida, on May 26th, 1900. The ship remained visible above the water until WWII naval fighter pilots used her for target practice.

The SS Copenhagen site was dedicated as an historical preserve, and is now a popular diving site. With an estimated 10,000 visitors per year, it is by far the most popular underwater preserve in the state.

Visit the taproom on Sunday, April 8th, at 11am to get your hands on this very special bottle, it won’t be around as long as the shipwreck.

LauderAle Brewery & Taproom

LauderAle has gone from a five-gallon bucket to a must-visit treasure, celebrated in Fort Lauderdale and all over South Florida. LauderAle was awarded a gold medal at the 2017 Great American Beer Festival (GABF), for the brewery’s C Porter. What an adventure that started from a conversation between friends.

Just like every great idea, LauderAle was conceived by two friends over a few beers. Owners Joey Farrell and Kyle Jones stumbled upon this idea one night at a local craft beer bar. While bantering about possible inventions and other business ideas, the one that stuck was how fun and adventurous it would be to own a brewery. It’s been full steam ahead ever since that moment.

Aviator Crackpot Kick Jalapeno Pilsner cans just released

April 3, 2018 - 9:07am

(Fuquay Varina, NC) – Aviator Brewing Company, one of the premier craft breweries in North Carolina, launches its latest product called Crackpot Kick Jalapeno Pilsner. The new beer is a variation of the original pilsner with a twist. Crackpot Kick Jalapeno Pilsner is brewed with jalapenos giving it a hotter flavor profile and a level of kick not seen in other pilsners.

“This new pilsner is a fun way to add new and interesting flavors for our customers while still delivering the highest quality pilsner,” said Mark Doble, Founder and CEO of Aviator Brewing Company. “Crackpot Kick Jalapeno Pilsner is the second new product we’ve rolled out this year in a series of limited time offerings in our popular Hangar Series. “ he added.

The new pilsner will be in market from now until early July. It follows the successful Steamhead ale, a california common ale which led the 2018 new product rollout for the Hangar Series. Aviator Brewing has a three-pronged product approach, that includes a lineup of core brands available all year long, the Takeoff Series featuring limited time new products and the Hanger Series that also features new products with wide ranging flavors for a limited time.

Aviator Brewing Company began in November 2008 when Mark Doble started brewing beer in a small airplane hangar. Over the next 10 years the company grew to become one of the largest breweries in North Carolina, adding a lineup of nine core brands including the innovative Takeoff Series, as well as a variety of new products under the Hangar brand. Located in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina, just outside Raleigh, Aviator Brewing Company also owns and operates a group of retail establishments including a restaurant, taphouse and bottle shop. The company is currently in the process of a significant expansion with the brewery and hopes to be underway by the 10th anniversary this fall.

Voluntary recall announced on select packages containing Stella Artois

April 2, 2018 - 5:35pm

Stella Artois today announced a voluntary recall of select packages containing 11.2-ounce (330ml) bottles of Stella Artois beer that may contain particles of glass. This recall applies to Stella Artois 6-packs, 12-packs, 18-packs, 24-packs, “Best of Belgium” multi-packs in the U.S. and Canada, and Stella Artois Légère 6-packs and 12-packs in the U.S. The recall does not affect other Stella Artois packaging formats, such as cans or draft or bottles of any other production codes.

Important information regarding the recall in this PDF file.

The recall is limited in scope to bottles from one third-party production facility that produces a fraction of Stella Artois bottles. This recall impacts less than 1% of Stella Artois glass bottles sold in North America annually, and affected bottles will be far less than this.

The full list of imported Stella Artois packages that are subject to this recall in the U.S. and Canada is below.

This recall comes after the detection of a glass packaging flaw in some 11.2-ounce (330ml) bottles that may cause a small piece of glass to break off and possibly fall into the beer. The potentially-affected bottles were manufactured by a third-party which is one of many supplying Stella Artois with glass bottles.

We made the decision to voluntarily recall certain packages potentially containing the affected 11.2-ounce (330ml) bottles as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of our consumers.

The beer subject to this recall includes Stella Artois cases with a packaging date that falls within the ranges listed below. The codes can be found on the back label of the bottles and on the side of the cardboard cartons for the 12-packs, 18-packs and 24-packs of 11.2-ounce (330ml) bottles. Consumers should check the Stella Artois bottles in their “Best of Belgium” multi-packs. Attached are photos which show the exact location of the relevant production codes.

“The safety of our consumers is our top priority. While the number of potentially-affected glass bottles is very small, we are recalling these Stella Artois packages as a precautionary measure,” said Christina Choi, Global Brand VP, Stella Artois. “Our team of technical experts has been working with our third-party glass bottle supplier to ensure this packaging flaw has been addressed.”

Stella Artois is actively working with our distributor and retail partners to remove potentially-affected packages from retail.

Consumers who have 11.2-ounce (330ml) bottles of Stella Artois beer marked with the production codes listed below should visit for more information and for instructions on how to find the production codes for potentially-affected product. Consumers can also call our consumer hotline at 1-855-215-5824.

Any consumers who currently have potentially-affected Stella Artois beer in the U.S. or Canada within the scope of this recall will be eligible for reimbursement. Consumers are advised not to consume or allow others to consume the potentially-affected product.


Consumers should follow these steps to assess whether their package of Stella Artois 11.2-ounce (330ml) bottles is potentially affected and as a result is subject to this voluntary recall. More detailed instructions can be found at

Does the package have one of the best before dates written below? (see attachment for further instructions).

If so, does it have the corresponding Package Code?
If so, does it have the corresponding Time Stamp?

U.S. Stella Artois Production Codes

Best Before Date

Package Code

Time Stamp

















52, 55


































































































U.S. Stella Artois Légère Production Codes 

Best Before Date

Package Code

Time Stamp










Canada Stella Artois Production Codes

Best Before Date

Package Code

Time Stamp







































Adelbert’s Travelin’ Man Intercontinental IPA Batch #3 to be released on Friday, 4/6

April 2, 2018 - 5:13pm

Adelbert’s Brewery Brings Fresh Variety to the IPA Game; Rotating hops provide endless opportunities for flavor

(Austin, TX) – Adelbert’s Brewery, an award winning brewery in Austin Texas, is stoked to announce its newest batch of Travelin’ Man Intercontinental IPA Batch #3 will be releasing on Friday, April 6

In January, the brewery released the first batch after completely overhauling the malt, hops, yeast and even the water to create a “new school intercontinental IPA” classic enough to satisfy the hop heads on the West Coast and juicy enough to appease any member of the haze craze in the Northeast.

Travelin’ Man Batch #3, featuring Amarillo, Grüngeist and Rakau hops, is a soft, juicy, flavor bomb of an IPA with an amalgamation of flavors spanning the hop rainbow. The fresh beer will be unveiled a day after packaging in the taproom on Friday, 4/6 at 5 pm both on tap and in six packs to go. Limited can distribution across Austin will begin the following week with draft availability across Texas.

Travelin’ Man fully embraces the name by evolving on a regular basis as he travels around the globe in his hop sourcing. Each new batch will have the included hops stamped on the bottom of the can. It’s a fresh beer that should be consumed quickly, but can continue to evolve in the package for months due to massive dry hopping and biotransformations.

About Adelbert’s Brewery:

Adelbert’s Brewery is an award-winning microbrewery in Austin, Texas. The brewery believes excellent beer requires quality ingredients and hands-on brewing. It uses non-GMO Bohemian floor malted barley, Noble and new school hops, and fresh yeast propagated at the brewery. While brewing our traditional beers, Adelbert’s utilizes a multi-temperature decoction mash to extract a more complex flavor from our grains. For more information, visit

To stay up to date on brewery information, connect with them on Facebook at or follow the them on Twitter at

Listermann Brewing, Cincinnati Art Museum launch beer celebrating Terracotta Army on April 21

April 2, 2018 - 4:54pm

(Cincinnati, OH) — The Cincinnati Art Museum is partnering with Listermann Brewing Company to celebrate its highly anticipated special exhibition Terracotta Army: Legacy of the First Emperor of China.

A new beer, Terracotta Army New England Red IPA, will be sold at the Listermann Brewing taproom starting on April 21, a day after the exhibition opens. It will also be available at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Terracotta Army New England Red IPA is an ale fit for a warrior. Brewed with Galaxy and Citra hops, the beer has a red hue reminiscent of terracotta clay with hints of mango, tropical fruits, peaches and a mix of dank flavors. The New England Red IPA style gives this brew a smooth, creamy mouthfeel with little hop bitterness.

Listermann Brewing Company is generously donating 10% of the beer proceeds to the Cincinnati Art Museum.

A launch party to celebrate the release of Terracotta Army New England Red IPA will be held at the Listermann taproom on Saturday, April 21, starting at 10 a.m. The beer will be available on tap and in 16 ounce four-pack cans featuring custom labels. The first 100 launch party guests will receive a Terracotta Army t-shirt and one voucher redeemable for a Cincinnati Art Museum special exhibition ticket. Ticket vouchers and t-shirts are available while supplies last on a first come, first served basis. T-shirt sizes are limited.

The beer will also be available at the Cincinnati Art Museum’s Terrace Café and during the museum’s Art After Dark event on April 27, 5–9 p.m.

Cincinnati Art Museum’s marketing department leads this partnership on behalf of the museum. “Terracotta Army: Legacy of the First Emperor of China is the first time the terracotta warriors will be on view in Cincinnati — and we couldn’t be more thrilled,” says Jill Dunne, Director of Marketing & Communications. “Hand-in-hand with Listermann Brewing Company, we’re welcoming the Cincinnati community to raise a glass with us to celebrate the arrival of these historic artworks.”

Jason Brewer, Listermann General Manager, spearheads the collaboration for the brewery. “For years the Cincinnati Art Museum has been a source of inspiration for us,” says Brewer. “Now we have a unique chance to share our love of art with the local craft beer community, opening up a world of creativity and wonderment.”

Terracotta Army: Legacy of the First Emperor of China features 120 objects that show the formation and vast influence of China’s landmark Qin dynasty, including life-size terracotta warriors. More than 40 of these works have never been on view in the U.S. before this exhibition. Tickets are available at